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Here at JHS we produce 2 shows a year - a fall musical, and a spring play. We have tons of great opportunities both on and offstage, in fascinating jobs like acting, design, stage management, and so much more!

2016-2017 Season

If you have not already heard, our musical will be "Hot Mikado" and our play with be "radium girls"!


Every first Monday of the month we meet at 2:15 in the drama room. It is highly encouraged that members come each month so they stay updated on changing show schedules, party information, and improv updates.

Remember, the living room whiteboard will be updated regularly with all of the information posted on this site, and there is a calendar in "the hub" that has all the meetings listed for the rest of the year.

Sometimes the meeting days change according to the school schedule. Please check this site regularly for updates!

Improv Club

Improv Club meets every Thursday at 2:10 in the drama room, and all are welcome. This year, we will be having an improve show around February, the Civil War against alumni improvers around April, and District Domination against Everett High School in June!

This year we will be getting a special improve coach to help us with having meetings during shows! Stay tuned..


We have four parties each year - a cast and crew party for the fall musical, the annual "Non-Religiously Affiliated Holla-Day" wintertime party, a cast and crew party for the spring play, and the annual "Summer Shove-Off" for end-of-the-year awards and fun.

Also who else is down for celebrating Shakespeare's birthday???

Ashland Trip

Each year we go on our annual trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon! This is an incredible opportunity to learn the ins and outs of theatre, while exploring one of the United States' best small towns! Click the title for more information on the OSF.

We go for 3-4 days and nights during spring break, and see 5 professional shows. There is usually one musical, 2 Shakespeare plays, and 2 contemporary plays.

Many students say this trip is one of the high lights of high school. 

For the cost of $365, you will get transportation on a charter bus, lodging at a quality hotel, and tickets to see 5 professional, nationally accredited shows. If a student were to go visit Ashland privately, the cost of tickets alone would be $500.

Students must pay for their own dining and souvenir expenses. Ashland has dozens of great options to eat, ranging from inexpensive and quick to sit-down, fancy dinners. There are also plenty of awesome shops, where many students have gotten one-of-a-kind souvenirs like scripts, music, apparel, literature, and so much more.

Please see the tab for the most current information.

Social Media

There is now an official Instagram page for all of Theatre Society! IT is run by our lovely publicity manager, Rachel. Follow us @ jhstheatresociety, or click the link here:

Make sure you are signed up to receive e-mail updates from us! (home page, below dates at a glance)


Thank you for being involved with JHS Theatre Society! We need your support to keep us going!

Please join JHS Theatre Boosters and join the e-mail list for dates for the booster meetings, and how you can contribute to our club. Thank you so much!

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