Thursday, January 21, 2016

Show Shirts & Bios!

Macbeth T-Shirts are being ordered this weekend, so by Friday, January 22nd, make sure to:
 - Pay $18 to the ASB
*This form has been deactivated*

More Reminders:
  • Ashland Payment of next $100 due Feb. 2
  • Biographies due Feb. 5th!
No extensions on biographies!!! This applies to everybody who's participating in Macbeth.
So, you should get yours in so you look cool and we look cool and biographies are pretty cool.

Thanks everyone! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Due Dates!

Thank you for a good meeting, and fun team-building day on Monday, everybody!

Here is a quick recap of all the upcoming deadlines/reminders!

January 13, 14 and 15
Reminder:  If you don't want pictures of you online on the social media accounts, contact Publicity Team member Rachel at rachelannekearns@gmail.

January 22
  • T-SHIRTS for Macbeth. Order yours online HERE!
    • $18 to the ASB Office
February 2
  • Ashland Trip: $100 installment due to the ASB Office.
    • It's ok if you haven't paid the first $100, yet. There are still spots left!
February 5
  • Publicity Bios for everyone in Macbeth are due.
    • No extensions on the due date.
    • We really would like everyone to participate, it'll make us look so pro!
    • If less than 75% of the bios are turned in, no bios will be posted. :(
    • CLICK HERE for how you will write your bio.

Reminder: Lots of sick is going around, hope you're all staying healthy! If you can't make it to rehearsal/work day, please remember to contact Mr. Marshall and stage management, and if so, please feel better soon!

When you are here, don't forget about signing in/out! There's been confusion about the sheets, but they will always be on the shelf for tech, and the black box for cast.

Thanks team, see you soon for headshots!

Friday, January 1, 2016

UPDATED 1/4: Welcome Back!


  • The Macbeth Tab now has all this info and more!
  • EVERYONE participating in Macbeth is called on Monday, January 11th. It's TEAM DAY!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We are having a really exciting start, because Macbeth will start the production process in full swing on Monday!

ASB CARDS REQUIRED: We are a school and ASB-sanctioned club so you must show your ASB cards to Alexa or myself (Marguerite) by Friday, January 8th.
- If you do not have one, you must get one by then or you risk not being a part of the show.
- If you have questions about obtaining one, please see Mr. Marshall!

SIGN-IN:  Cast and crew, you are expected to sign-in and sign-out with your time of arrival and departure everyday you are called.
Cast members will find their sign-up sheet in the black box.
Crew members will find their sign-up sheet on "the shelf" in the living room.

REHEARSAL CALENDAR:   Rehearsal Calendars and Scene Guides are now available under the scheduling tab above.
Actors, you will receive a hard copy at the first rehearsal on Monday.
Please remember you are responsible for knowing which days you are called.

Monday, January 4th
  • All actors called
  • Saint Crew, Props Crew and Costume Crew called
Tuesday January 5th
  • Block 1 
  • Saint Crew, Costume Crew and Publicity Crew called
  • ASB Cards
Wednesday January 6th
  • Block 2
  • Saint Crew, Costume Crew, and Hair & Makeup Crew called
  • ASB Cards
Thursday January 7th
  • Block 3 
  • Saint Crew, Lights Crew, and Costume Crew called
  • ASB Cards
Friday January 8th
  • Ashland $100 deposit due - Reserves your spot on the trip. First come, first serve!
  • ASB Card deadline to Alexa or Marguerite
  • Saint Crew and Props Crew called
  • Block 4 
Monday January 11th
  • Theatre Society Meeting before Macbeth work!
  • All Actors Called
  • All Crews Called

As always, please do not hesitate to contact stage management or the officers with any questions or concerns. If you do not have contact information for Alexa or me (Marguerite), come see us!

See you all soon!