Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Show Time Procedures

It is officially tech time!

There was quite a bit shared before we got started today, and we wanted to recap all the important things that were said.

Please review all these topics again. If you have questions, please see the stage managers, officers, or upperclassmen who have been a part of a show before!

These apply to cast and crew, unless otherwise specified.

Keep checking this post as we update things that are mentioned throughout the week.

Important Tips

  • Bring all your homework to tech rehearsals and shows. Please make the most of your time to get things done. School is a priority.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Stay rested.
  • Be as safe and healthy as possible!
  • Positivity & Patience are what make us a great team with a strong show!

Show Time Rules & Etiquette

  • No door slamming!
    • Gently guide doors shut.
    • Be careful with the dressing room doors.
  • Stay quiet in the hallways, dressing rooms, and especially the wings.
  • Be silent at mic check.
    • Stay in the drama room if you don't have a job for mic check.
  • Be respectful and polite to one another, please.
    • If there are issues, come see a stage manager, officer, or Mr. Marshall.
  • Stay "find-able".
    • Be in the drama room, "living room", dressing room, or stage area.
    • No leaving to the commons, annex, or anywhere else in or outside the building.
  • Be aware of your cues.
    • Be ready for on-stage entrances.
    • Know your costume and mic changes.
    • Know your set changes.

Dressing Room Etiquette

  • Please leave if you are not needed.
    • It gets hot, crowded, and difficult for people to work.
  • No spraying any fragrances or hairspray.
  • Be respectful of others and their property.
    • If it is not yours, ask before you use it.
  • The Tech Box will be accessible to everyone.
    • Please only use in case of emergency, and use only what you need.
    • Consider making a contribution!
  • Check the clean-up list before leaving.
    • Your stuff needs to be in its box/bin.
    • Trash needs to be picked up.
    • Lights & electricity must be off.

Costume Care

  • ACTORS: Always have an undershirt, shorts, and tights/socks and shoes.
  • Don't rush getting in or out of costume.
  • Be cautious when doing hair and makeup to not get materials on the costume.
  • All pieces should be on the rack at the end of the night.


It is imperative we treat the mics carefully. They are very expensive to fix and replace, but if you follow the procedure, we should be just fine!



  • If you are not sound crew or mic tech, do not touch the mic packs.
  • Do not play with any cords, plugs, buttons or the batteries.
  • If you need help, tape, or batteries, see mic tech (Alex).
  • Do not talk with or talk to someone with a mic on for 30 seconds before they enter, or for a minute after they exit backstage. Their mics may be live.
  • Throw mic tape away when it is done.

Tips for Actors

  • Microphones amplify sound, they don't produce it! Always project, with or without a mic.
  • Be sure to review the mic plot. If there are any questions/concerns, please see Kristen. THE MIC PLOT HAS CHANGED A LITTLE SO PLEASE CHECK THE ONE IN THE HALLWAY BEFORE WE START TONIGHT!
  • Have respectful language when around a microphone.
  • Always have underclothes on, so you can be prepared for mic check or mic changes.

Before Show

  • Mics go on OVER underclothes, and UNDER costumes.
  • Be on time to mic check!
  • Be careful when using hair and makeup products around the mics.

After Show

  • Microphones need to be put away and returned to mic tech before visiting with the audience.
  • Mic tape needs to be disposed of.


Nobody leaves until everybody is done cleaning up. Let your parents know!

Please do the same job every night, so we get a nice routine going.

Be patient with one another. This show has a lot of components and some people may take longer than others to get everything put away.


If you have questions, please see a stage manager or an officer.

10/30: Update

Actors: Keep reviewing lines and music! Ask questions, run lines, and practice with the music. Please make a track sheet to keep track of your props, costumes, entrances, exits, cues and mic changes. An example has been posted here.

11/5: Update again


  • please take extra special care of your costume
  • make sure you hang all of your costume pieces on the hangar with your tag on it
  • if anything happens to your costume, please alert costume crew as soon as possible
REMINDER: no eating, drinking, running, or swearing while in costume. Thank you!


I updated a few of the above with red writing in all caps. Please follow all of these procedures!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Into the Woods Preview!

Hi everybody!
For the club fair and just for publicity, I've put together a little preview video for Into the Woods. It's on the JHS Theatre channel, and here's a link. There are no copyright infringements, so feel free to share it with everyone! :D

Friday, October 9, 2015

Show Shirts

Show shirts have been ordered! We are no longer taking orders. If you have not yet paid for your shirt, please pay Mrs. Auchterlonie in the ASB office as soon as possible. Once we know who hasn't paid, a fine will be assessed to your account. You cannot pick up your shirt until you have paid for it. Thank you to those of you that paid on time. And if you haven't paid, pay ASAP!!