Monday, March 21, 2016

Well Contented!

We did it! Congratulations on a show well done, everyone!

Again, a huge thank you to all of you for your dedication and team work!

Capturing the Memories

If you wish to purchase Photo books/DVDS/Photo CD's, the information and order forms will be available here soon.

Editor's Note pertaining to the DOG TAGS: 

As you know, we purchased dog tags for the boy's gift, and we hope you're enjoying them. Some ladies also received dog tags because they contributed to the boy's gift by designing cards and paying for the dog tag shipment. Some also received dog tags because they asked before we ran out. We're sorry if things have been confusing, but there are no more dog tags. You are welcome to buy your own, or if you took one, it would be much appreciated if you could please pay Alexa back. The gifts are a tradition and privilege, and Alexa paid out of her own pocket to make it happen last minute when plans fell through, which is why many of you were not informed about what was happening. Sorry if you were not informed, but it had to happen very quickly and Alexa stepped up to make it happen so we could show our appreciation for the guys. If ladies could please pay a few dollars to Alexa, she would appreciate it very much, thank you!


If you are interested in being an officer on the Theatre Society officer board for the 2016-2017 school year, please let Mr. Marshall know before the April 11th meeting.

The positions are:
  • President - The representative of theatre society at all ASB, school and community events and communication, like rep meetings, club fairs, ordering T-shirts and keeping up to date with boosters . Calls meetings to order, counts votes, and helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Vice-President - Fills in for president if they are not available, helps with keeping things on track, and attends most events. Helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Secretary - Takes notes at all meetings, types up meeting summaries, establishes agendas, makes announcements and keeps record by running the blogspot/e-mail list, and helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Treasurer - Handles all things financial, like purchase orders, show budgets, and all ASB account funds like show shirt or Ashland trip payments. Handles the cash box and counts money at each show/event, and helps with ideas, organization and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Publicity Officer - Contacts local businesses for sponsors, advertisements, and donors. Also contacts local news media like radio stations and newspapers to advertise our shows. Talks with people in the community to spread awareness about our club and helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Graphic Designer - Designs all flyers, posters and invitations pertaining to the club, as well as designing all show shirts, programs, and club sweatshirts. Also helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
If you are running, the elections are at the April meeting on Monday, April 11th. 

Please prepare a quick (less than 2 minute) presentation about why you are qualified and would like to run. This can be a speech, video, song, dance, the "funner", the better! Please be prepared.

Being an officer is committing yourself to the board, which means being available for all meetings (the dates for the entire year are determined at the end of this year), and willing to help where you can. Every officer has a job, and in the past, the work has been shared very well. 
When running, please consider the time, effort and energy you're willing to put in, as well as where your skills will be best utilized. It's up to you, and you guys are great.

Break a leg in elections, everyone!


The mandatory parent information meeting for those going on the trip and their parents is Monday, March 28th in the library at 6pm.

This is also the date that you should have your full $365 paid by. Get your payments in by March 28, or you can't go! 

Please remember you also need to turn in your Vietgone parent consent form if you would like to see that show. More information can be found on the Ashland tab. Thank you!

See you on April 11th for the meeting (if not sooner)!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Congratulations everyone for an awesome opening weekend! Word is getting out there that this show is killer! :)

Rest up and make the most of your time off to review scripts, do homework, and all that good stuff.

Hey, also: All tabs have been updated with most current info, be sure to check them out!


Monday is our official monthly Theatre Society Meeting! If you are interested in becoming an officer for next year, please come.

Pick-up Rehearsal

Wednesday is our pick-up rehearsal! We will be using props, coifs, costumes and special effects makeup. Otherwise, no hair and makeup. Rehearsal is from 2:20 til when we finish, hopefully by 6pm.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday we have shows! Call-time is still 4:30pm.

If you have a secret buddy, please remember to get something for them to let them know they are doing a great job.

Show Party

Saturday, the 19th is the Show Party at Julia's house! If you are attending, you must pay $5 to either Alexa or myself (Marguerite) before Saturday. This secures you an invite with directions how to get there, and helps the Lindstroms provide food for us at the party! 

We keep track of who's paid and who's not, so make sure you're on the good list!

There are absolutely no plus-one's. You may not bring other Jackson students, siblings, Jackson alumni, or any other friend, even if they've been in theatre society before. Sorry. This party is to celebrate those who have worked on this show, only!


If you do not turn in your consent form (for Vietgone) and field trip form by Friday, March 18, you cannot go.

You also need to make sure you have made all your payments by March 28th.

On March 28, at 6pm in the library there will be an Ashland Parent Meeting for all those going on the trip, and their parents.

See you all at the meeting tomorrow (Monday), and have a good couple days off!

.... Well contented

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Show Time!

Tomorrow is Preview Night!!!

Tell and hand out the invites to JHS Staff and your families. Admission is free, but invite-only for your teachers and families. There will be concessions provided.

If you've signed the contract for Secret Buddy, please take a name from Olivia to be assigned to your buddy, if you haven't already done so. 


Show Night Schedule (March 9, 10, 11, 12, 17. 18 and 19)

4:30 pm: All called for Dinnertime
5:00 pm: Get to work! (Or, call time for those who don't eat with us).
5:50 pm: Fight Call
6:10 pm: Warm-ups 
6:25 pm: Rock Maul! (Everybody to the drama room).
6:30 pm: House opens & A Very Special Broadcast (in the dressing rooms).
7 pm: Places!!! 

Do the same job at the same time EVERY NIGHT! Establishing a routine will help us focus up and get things ready so much more efficiently. So, keep doing what you've been doing!

We have done amazing work. We've got a show. Don't take it for granted. 
It's the first night we have an audience - let's give them a show. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016


We made it!
A hearty congratulations, and an even bigger Thank You, everyone, for all your hard work and an awesome tech week!
We have an above and beyond show, and we are going to blow our audiences away! To do that, please take care of and be patient with yourselves. The work we have done is incredible, and we hope everyone stays well-rested, hydrated, and nourished. If ever you need anything, "we got you, fam" (or, check the pink tech box in the girl's dressing room).

Here's the plan for Monday, on a detailed time schedule.

Remember, it is your responsibility to know when you are needed, so please pay attention. 

Monday, March 7th (Pajama Day)

2:15pm : Snacktime!

2:30pm : Get to work

  • Get the props out of the dressing rooms ASAP so we can work!
  • Sweep the stage, set up props tables, test mics, etc. Keep doing what you've been doing.
  • Full hair and makeup
  • Full costumes
  • Coifs!
  • Props!
  • Danger Props!

3:05pm : FIGHT CALL for assigned actors (even if you aren't done with hair, makeup and costumes).

3:20pm : WARM-UP for every actor (even if you aren't done with hair, makeup and costumes).

3:30pm : PLACES

We are scheduled to go until 7pm. Like always, you cannot leave until we are cleaned up and Mr. Marshall has released everyone.

Show Shirts...


If you ordered one and haven't received it, you either weren't here or haven't paid. 
You have been fined if you didn't pay for your shirt. 
Pay to the ASB Office, then show your receipt to Mr. Marshall and you will receive your shirt.


Quiet in the wings, hallways and with the doors. Yes, we hear you on stage and from the audience.

Only handle props that you have been assigned to at the time you need them.

Only handle props if you have been assigned to one.

Those who handle special props and devices know who they are and will be the only ones to handle those props. 

If you have a costume and need a snack, wear a robe, sweatshirt, jacket or your street clothes. Report any costume malfunctions immediately.

Pay attention to where we are in the show. If you miss an entrance/scene change, that's your last warning and we will have a monitored seat for you back stage. 
I apologize in advance for the passive aggression, but, come on now, you know what to do.

Be kind to your coifs and props, we need them to last!!!

Label your waterbottles and keep them in a safe spot like the drama room or hallway to minimize risk of spills.

When working on shows, we stay in the drama room, living room, hallway, dressing rooms, booths, wings (backstage/black box), and stage. The music hallway bathrooms will be available to us.

Please ask questions!

If you have a food allergy/restriction, please write your name on the drama room whiteboard list so Julia and her family can provide for you at the show party.

Thank you again for being respectful of your peers, and following through so we have a healthy show!

Secret Buddy

We are doing an anonymous gift exchange. You are not required to participate. If you do, you must sign a contract saying you will get your assigned buddy a gift.

Gifts should be less than $10, and can come from the heart; a nice letter, card, or drawing can make somebody's day!

Please see Olivia to sign up and get more information!


Thank you to the Stecklers who made some great green invites for us all to hand out to our teachers! If you haven't already, please grab a couple and share them with your teachers!


Ok team, rest up, and we'll see you Monday.