Friday, February 3, 2017

Radium Girls Show Shirts!

HOORAY!! It's time to buy show shirts! Below is a link to the Google Survey where you will put in all your information to order your show shirt. I am very excited about these shirts, because the lovely people over at TCSpan America are going to make them glow in the dark for us. HOORAY AGAIN!!

The prices are:
$12.00 (no customization)
$18.00 (with customization)
+$3.30 for XXL or XXXL

Please make sure you give the CORRECT amount to the ASB office when placing your order. If you submit a form with a customization, but only pay for a blank shirt, you will not get the shirt until the difference is made up and given to the office. Please take it upon yourself to remember the details of your google survey submission.


Thanks Radium guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Radium Girls Bio Info

Hello, Radium Girls Cast & Crew!
It is that magical time of the show in which I get to pester you guys to turn in your bios for the lobby display! Your bios will be displayed under your photo and are now required to be turned in if you are going to be a part of the display at all. You’ve all worked very hard on this show and I know the work will only intensify from here, so please turn these in so that our audience can know of your participation. 

Bios are due by February 10, 2017.
Your bio MUST include:
- Your Name
- Your Grade
- Your Job/Your Character(s)
- Theatre credits prior to Radium Girls
- Any comments you have about the show/your experience (optional)
- If your bio does not follow the guidelines set above, it will not be used. 

I always get a thousand questions about what one can and cannot do, so here’s a quick FAQ:

Can I use my bio from last show and just change the show name and my experience?
Yes. Just get it done.

Can I hand it to you on a crumpled up piece of paper scribbled on in crayon?
No. Get it together.

Can you just write it for me?
No, you’re a big kid.

What if I never have internet access and also my email got hacked and my computer lit on fire and I can’t use someone else’s computer because I have a chronic fear of computer keys and have recently become mute and can’t dictate my bio to someone who doesn’t share this fear?

If anything is working against you technologically, you can come to me or one of the other publicity members and do it during theatre time. Being as you may now be mute, you may act out how you think your bio should read.

Can I use a comedic bio?
   Heck yes. 

A very basic example bio (you’re more than welcome to be more creative than this):
Rachel Anne Kearns is a senior working as Publicity Manager on Radium Girls. Past shows include Into the Woods (Rapunzel), Macbeth (Publicity), and Hot Mikado (Publicity). She loves this theatre community and is proud to be a part of Radium Girls as her last show at JHS.

Thank you so much, guys! Writing bios can feel a little awkward, but it really does class up the whole production and we're looking forward to putting them together!

EDIT: Some of the crew members got an email with the wrong Gmail account linked to it. The email is not jacksonhstheatre, it is If you sent a bio to the wrong email, please resend it! Sorry for the confusion!