Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Radium Girls Headshot Schedule

Hello Radium Girls Participants!

This is Rachel Anne (your friendly neighborhood Publicity Manager) contacting you to let you know that it’s that wonderful time in shows in which I coral you to take headshots for our lobby display (the photos & bios in the lobby before shows). Our theme this year is a newspaper spread so unlike our photos in the past several shows, these won’t be so homogenous. The plan is to use a bunch of different silly poses, imitating that which would be over an article in a newspaper. Basically, we gon’ have a good time. 


  • Jonathan
  • Piper
  • Matthew
  • Maxwell
  • Jeremy
  • Emerson
  • Mai
  • Rebecca
  • Alexa
  • Austin
  • Jackson
  • Opal
  • Shaelyn
  • Karson
  • Emily N.
  • Lauren
  • Tessa
  • Claire
  • Hannah



  • Taylor B.
  • Tatiana G.
  • Jessie H. 
  • Ann S.
  • Sam F.
  • Nicole L.
  • Emma S.
  • Anne R.
  • Hunter L.
  • Katie M.
  • Haley J.
  • Jack Moon


  • Sam M.
  • Jamie M. 
  • Hallie 
  • Max D. 
  • Hayden B.
  • Becca M.
  • Emma M.
  • Jada R.
  • Amanda B. 
  • Megan B.
  • Sawyer G.
  • Tom S.
  • Luke D.
  • James Adams

H&M - 
  • Nikki B.
  • Natalie F. 
  • Shelby S.
  • Kaley H.
  • Hailey S.
  • Evey MS.
  • Katie A.
  • Taylor G.
  • Leslie V.
  • Allegra N.
1/2 SAINT - 
  • Lydia H.
  • Sam E. 
  • Lucia M.
  • Jordan A.
  • Laura M.
  • Cat D.

Sound - 
  • Tivona V. 
  • Alex B.
  • Tyler F.
  • Ryan G.
  • Elisabeth T.

1/2 SAINT -
  • Skylar B.
  • Becca B.
  • Cate B.
  • Emily L.
  • Audrey
  • Madison
  • Kade B.

To all my publicity crew members, we’ll take our photos as we go - there are a lot of people to get through so ours may be a little more spread out!

If there is a problem with the schedule or you won't be here on the day you're scheduled, let me know ASAP. Have a great day, kids!

Monday, January 2, 2017

First post of the new year! (email)

Happy New Year my darling thespians! It's Lettie again, here with some fun theatre society info...

First of all, I hope you all enjoyed your winter breaks, holidays and all the yummy food. For those of you who are wondering, the next theatre society meeting will be held Monday,  January 9th in the drama room, so mark your calendars! Another mark you should have on there is the payment plans we have set up for Ashland, and in case you forgot, here you go! 

Ashland info: 

Payment plan

December 6th - $100
January 10th - $100 
February 7th - $100 
March 14th - $85  

Ah, Ashland. If anyone is curious about joining us for our spring break trip, ask Mr. Marshall for the info, we still have spots open, but it is first come first serve, so don't wait! The cost is $385 and we leave Tuesday, April 4th and get back the following Friday (Spring Break). The trip is super fun, we get to see five amazing productions, stay in a cool hotel that gives us cookies and get a full backstage tour of the theatres in Ashland. Not to mention the cute, little town itself. 

Next subject; Radium Girls 

First things first... YAYYYYYYY!!!! 

I am so excited to get working with all of you on this show. Auditions went great, guys! It was a hard show to cast, but f you didn't make it, don't fret, there are still more amazing ways you can be involved with this show with tech. Our tech meeting was held before break where we signed up for crews and gave out that info, if you have any questions, ask an officer, stage manager or Mr. Marshall. Congrats to all who got cast! I have attached the tech and rehearsal calendars, which can also be found on Mr. Marshall's website, everyone please take a look at these and keep these dates in mind. If you have a job, show them the calendars and when you will be called so they know when you can be scheduled. I know rehearsals and tech are big commitments, so be sure to stay on top of your school work and keep yourself healthy! 


Zach Fraser - 425-312-4288

Lettie Bocanegra - 425-359-2926

If you are late, sick, have a question or anything else, contact these two people, regarding the show. You are responsible for being present every time you are needed, if you are not able to be, let us know ASAP. You will get a copy of the calendars, they are on Marshall's website, the blog spot and I have attached it in this email so there are no excuses for not knowing when you are called. 

Important, upcoming dates: 

Read through - Tuesday, January 3rd 2:15 - 5:00 ALL CALLED - Tech NOT CALLED, Tech's first day will be Wednesday the 4th, check to see if your crew is called. 

Improv is a thing guys. Every Thursday, so if you wanna improve your improv skills, come hang out with us after school, in the drama room on a Thursday. 

Alrighty, I believe that's all I have for you guys... I can't wait to get started with the show, don't forget your Ashland payments and I will see you all on the 9th! Here's to a great year!

- Lettie