Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tech Week!!

Good morning fellow thespians, its my pleasure to tell you that Tech Week is starting this Thursday!!

"What is tech week?" you ask?

Tech week is the period of time we spend running cues for the show (lights, sound, moving tables, etc.) and it can become very tiring. expect to be standing or waiting in one spot for long periods of time while the tech is worked out.

We know this week of the show process is going to be very stressful for all of us, and we will most likely get on each other's nerves at some point. But this is where I remind you that we are ALL ONE TEAM, no matter if you're cast or crew, we need to be here for each other and support one another. We have such a wonderful group of people in this show and I'm very proud of the community we have made., to make tech week a bit more fun, we've added an element to it for the past years.

Thursday: Crazy sock day
Friday: Fancy Friday
Saturday: PJ day
Monday: Rainbow/Tie-dye day
Tuesday: Flannel day
Wednesday: Show shirt day

Costumes, Makeup, etc.

We will also be pestering you guys about shoes, underclothes, and makeup as this week goes by. You can buy your makeup (a ben nye kit) at Display and Costume on evergreen way. They will match your skin tone for you.

please make sure to have clean underclothes every dress rehearsal/ show night. You don't want to know how bad it can get in the dressing rooms (please wear clean socks). We will discuss this more once costumes come in this week.

I cant wait to put this show on its feet, thank you all for your hard work!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Call Times for This Week! (and next)

Since tech week is fast approaching us, the call times are different for the next few weeks. below is a list of the times you should expect to be here until:

Tuesday- 5:00
Wednesday- 4:30
Thursday- 5:00
Friday- 5:30
Saturday- 1:00 - 4:00

Monday- 5:30
Tuesday- 6:00
Wednesday- 6:00
Thursday- 7:00
Friday- 7:00
Saturday- Noon-6:00

Make sure to keep these changes in mind and come to rehearsal ready to work your patoot off!


Friday, October 21, 2016

Last Weekend to order Show Shirts!!

The form to order show shirts with will close on Monday nights, so don't forget to submit all your orders now!! Link to the forms on the last post


Get it cause its Halloween almost

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Show shirt announcement! (Plus bios)

It's finally time for us to order our show shirts! The ordering process for this is very simple. the shirts without customization are $14.00, $20.00 with customization. We have a google survey already made for everyone to fill out with their shirt size, name, contact info, etc. you can also put your character/crew name on the back! (if you write anything inappropriate we can veto your name choice) its pretty simple. if you have any questions you can ask any of us officers. payments and orders are due on the 24th of October.

ALSO SHOW BIOS ARE DUE OCTOBER 21ST! if you haven't written one yet please make sure to do so. Talk to Rachel if you have any questions.



Monday, October 3, 2016

Hello Theatre Society and our fabulous Hot Mikado participants!

Now is the magical time of JHS Shows in which we start discussing our bios for the lobby display! We ask every cast and crew member to write up a short bio to be placed below your photo on the lobby display so that our audience can know a little about who you guys are prior to seeing the show. 

Your bios must include your:
- Name
- Grade
- Crew/Character
- Theatre credits prior to Hot Mikado
- Any comments you may have about your show experience

We ask that your bio is written in third person & does not exceed 100 words. When you have completed your bio, send it to: We ask that your bio is in by October 14 so that we may make arrangements for it on the display. 

Note: If we do not have 75% or more of the bios, they will not be displayed so please be considerate of your fellow theatre society members and submit your bios! 

Here are some exemplary bios from Macbeth ‘fo yo perusing:

Ethan Lee, playing the role of Malcolm, is having a blast participating in drama and music this year! Previous performances include You Can’t Take It With You (Officer), Little Women (Rodrigo) and Into the Woods (Rapunzel’s Prince). He wants to thank his fellow cast mates for all their hard work and dedication! He also wants to thank his family for their love and support.

Olivia Sastry (12th grade) is Macbeth's scenic designer and a member of set & paint crew. Prior to Macbeth, Olivia worked on Into the Woods, Tartuffe, Little Women, You Can't Take It With You, and Charlie Brown. This is Olivia's last production and she is forever grateful to all the people who worked on it with her. Hope you enjoy the show as much as she does!

Thank you guys in advance!