24 Hour Short Play Festival

As you all may have heard by now, we are trying to plan for a 24 hour theatre show, which involves writing, directing, tech, and acting, all in 24 hours! (Minus the writing though, they get extra time). This idea is still pending, but we are planning on reserving the stage for MAY 20 to perform.

So how do I get involved?

You can be any of those roles listed above, with application. The roles are described below:


To be a writer, you must submit an anonymous OUTLINE of a 5-10 minute play by Monday, April 17th. It must have a maximum of 5 characters and be school appropriate. You can give it to Mr. Marshall any time before then. Make sure none of the officers know who wrote your outline, as only Marshall will know in order to keep selection fair and even. If we select your outline, you must finish your script ASAP. It would be comforting to know what we have the week before the show. Once your script is completed, it will be randomly assigned to a director, who you will meet with the night before the show (May 19) to collaborate with. After the collaboration process, you are all done! If you want to hang out the next day to see how your play is going, you may, but remember that once it's in the directors hands, its not your baby anymore :( Don't worry though, we will select the most professional directors to take care of them for you!

(We will only be able to select 5 scripts, and we want the show to have VARIETY. So if yours is not chosen, fret not! You can still contribute to the show either through acting, or tech!)


To be a director, you must fill out a director application form, which can be found HERE. Please fill it out in detail as that will give Mr. Marshall a better understanding of how you will perform as a director. If selected, you will be notified to arrive at the school the night before (May 19) to work with the writer. Once the writer leaves, you will have the rest of the night (Not at the school) to block and work out the script. After that, its time to select actors. There will be a pool of actors to choose from, and it will either be a fight to the death between directors on who gets who, or it will be drawn from a hat. Once the actors are selected, they will be notified and arrive around 11 on May 20th to work with you. You will get one hour of tech on the stage, so spend your time wisely, and get as much work done as possible so the actors have time to memorize the scripts. Once you have directed them, you can either stay and help, or go home and come back for the show later that night.


We are still working out the kinks on how to notify you if you have been chosen, as the decision will be made relatively close to the show. If you are interested in acting, you should also be ready to help with tech, as that will give you something to do if you are not selected. Also we need as much tech as we can get! Read the directors section above to see when you show up and what you do. I'm tired of typing :0


Like stated above somewhere, each act will get one hour of tech time before the show. So we will need people to help with lights, sound, costumes, props, etc. for this to work! if you are interested in tech, let Mr. Marshall know and we will start a list (eventually) to keep track of everyone. Tech can show up the morning of the show at any time (I'm unsure of how early we can show up, but once I know I will put it here).


That's right, IMPROV. Not only is this a play show, its an improv show! We will be filling in the transition time with improv games, so again if you are interested in that, let Mr. Marshall know. You can also tech and improv if your tech job does not interfere.

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