Saturday, March 5, 2016


We made it!
A hearty congratulations, and an even bigger Thank You, everyone, for all your hard work and an awesome tech week!
We have an above and beyond show, and we are going to blow our audiences away! To do that, please take care of and be patient with yourselves. The work we have done is incredible, and we hope everyone stays well-rested, hydrated, and nourished. If ever you need anything, "we got you, fam" (or, check the pink tech box in the girl's dressing room).

Here's the plan for Monday, on a detailed time schedule.

Remember, it is your responsibility to know when you are needed, so please pay attention. 

Monday, March 7th (Pajama Day)

2:15pm : Snacktime!

2:30pm : Get to work

  • Get the props out of the dressing rooms ASAP so we can work!
  • Sweep the stage, set up props tables, test mics, etc. Keep doing what you've been doing.
  • Full hair and makeup
  • Full costumes
  • Coifs!
  • Props!
  • Danger Props!

3:05pm : FIGHT CALL for assigned actors (even if you aren't done with hair, makeup and costumes).

3:20pm : WARM-UP for every actor (even if you aren't done with hair, makeup and costumes).

3:30pm : PLACES

We are scheduled to go until 7pm. Like always, you cannot leave until we are cleaned up and Mr. Marshall has released everyone.

Show Shirts...


If you ordered one and haven't received it, you either weren't here or haven't paid. 
You have been fined if you didn't pay for your shirt. 
Pay to the ASB Office, then show your receipt to Mr. Marshall and you will receive your shirt.


Quiet in the wings, hallways and with the doors. Yes, we hear you on stage and from the audience.

Only handle props that you have been assigned to at the time you need them.

Only handle props if you have been assigned to one.

Those who handle special props and devices know who they are and will be the only ones to handle those props. 

If you have a costume and need a snack, wear a robe, sweatshirt, jacket or your street clothes. Report any costume malfunctions immediately.

Pay attention to where we are in the show. If you miss an entrance/scene change, that's your last warning and we will have a monitored seat for you back stage. 
I apologize in advance for the passive aggression, but, come on now, you know what to do.

Be kind to your coifs and props, we need them to last!!!

Label your waterbottles and keep them in a safe spot like the drama room or hallway to minimize risk of spills.

When working on shows, we stay in the drama room, living room, hallway, dressing rooms, booths, wings (backstage/black box), and stage. The music hallway bathrooms will be available to us.

Please ask questions!

If you have a food allergy/restriction, please write your name on the drama room whiteboard list so Julia and her family can provide for you at the show party.

Thank you again for being respectful of your peers, and following through so we have a healthy show!

Secret Buddy

We are doing an anonymous gift exchange. You are not required to participate. If you do, you must sign a contract saying you will get your assigned buddy a gift.

Gifts should be less than $10, and can come from the heart; a nice letter, card, or drawing can make somebody's day!

Please see Olivia to sign up and get more information!


Thank you to the Stecklers who made some great green invites for us all to hand out to our teachers! If you haven't already, please grab a couple and share them with your teachers!


Ok team, rest up, and we'll see you Monday.

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