Monday, March 21, 2016

Well Contented!

We did it! Congratulations on a show well done, everyone!

Again, a huge thank you to all of you for your dedication and team work!

Capturing the Memories

If you wish to purchase Photo books/DVDS/Photo CD's, the information and order forms will be available here soon.

Editor's Note pertaining to the DOG TAGS: 

As you know, we purchased dog tags for the boy's gift, and we hope you're enjoying them. Some ladies also received dog tags because they contributed to the boy's gift by designing cards and paying for the dog tag shipment. Some also received dog tags because they asked before we ran out. We're sorry if things have been confusing, but there are no more dog tags. You are welcome to buy your own, or if you took one, it would be much appreciated if you could please pay Alexa back. The gifts are a tradition and privilege, and Alexa paid out of her own pocket to make it happen last minute when plans fell through, which is why many of you were not informed about what was happening. Sorry if you were not informed, but it had to happen very quickly and Alexa stepped up to make it happen so we could show our appreciation for the guys. If ladies could please pay a few dollars to Alexa, she would appreciate it very much, thank you!


If you are interested in being an officer on the Theatre Society officer board for the 2016-2017 school year, please let Mr. Marshall know before the April 11th meeting.

The positions are:
  • President - The representative of theatre society at all ASB, school and community events and communication, like rep meetings, club fairs, ordering T-shirts and keeping up to date with boosters . Calls meetings to order, counts votes, and helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Vice-President - Fills in for president if they are not available, helps with keeping things on track, and attends most events. Helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Secretary - Takes notes at all meetings, types up meeting summaries, establishes agendas, makes announcements and keeps record by running the blogspot/e-mail list, and helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Treasurer - Handles all things financial, like purchase orders, show budgets, and all ASB account funds like show shirt or Ashland trip payments. Handles the cash box and counts money at each show/event, and helps with ideas, organization and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Publicity Officer - Contacts local businesses for sponsors, advertisements, and donors. Also contacts local news media like radio stations and newspapers to advertise our shows. Talks with people in the community to spread awareness about our club and helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
  • Graphic Designer - Designs all flyers, posters and invitations pertaining to the club, as well as designing all show shirts, programs, and club sweatshirts. Also helps with ideas, organization, and event planning at each monthly officer meeting.
If you are running, the elections are at the April meeting on Monday, April 11th. 

Please prepare a quick (less than 2 minute) presentation about why you are qualified and would like to run. This can be a speech, video, song, dance, the "funner", the better! Please be prepared.

Being an officer is committing yourself to the board, which means being available for all meetings (the dates for the entire year are determined at the end of this year), and willing to help where you can. Every officer has a job, and in the past, the work has been shared very well. 
When running, please consider the time, effort and energy you're willing to put in, as well as where your skills will be best utilized. It's up to you, and you guys are great.

Break a leg in elections, everyone!


The mandatory parent information meeting for those going on the trip and their parents is Monday, March 28th in the library at 6pm.

This is also the date that you should have your full $365 paid by. Get your payments in by March 28, or you can't go! 

Please remember you also need to turn in your Vietgone parent consent form if you would like to see that show. More information can be found on the Ashland tab. Thank you!

See you on April 11th for the meeting (if not sooner)!

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