Sunday, March 13, 2016


Congratulations everyone for an awesome opening weekend! Word is getting out there that this show is killer! :)

Rest up and make the most of your time off to review scripts, do homework, and all that good stuff.

Hey, also: All tabs have been updated with most current info, be sure to check them out!


Monday is our official monthly Theatre Society Meeting! If you are interested in becoming an officer for next year, please come.

Pick-up Rehearsal

Wednesday is our pick-up rehearsal! We will be using props, coifs, costumes and special effects makeup. Otherwise, no hair and makeup. Rehearsal is from 2:20 til when we finish, hopefully by 6pm.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday we have shows! Call-time is still 4:30pm.

If you have a secret buddy, please remember to get something for them to let them know they are doing a great job.

Show Party

Saturday, the 19th is the Show Party at Julia's house! If you are attending, you must pay $5 to either Alexa or myself (Marguerite) before Saturday. This secures you an invite with directions how to get there, and helps the Lindstroms provide food for us at the party! 

We keep track of who's paid and who's not, so make sure you're on the good list!

There are absolutely no plus-one's. You may not bring other Jackson students, siblings, Jackson alumni, or any other friend, even if they've been in theatre society before. Sorry. This party is to celebrate those who have worked on this show, only!


If you do not turn in your consent form (for Vietgone) and field trip form by Friday, March 18, you cannot go.

You also need to make sure you have made all your payments by March 28th.

On March 28, at 6pm in the library there will be an Ashland Parent Meeting for all those going on the trip, and their parents.

See you all at the meeting tomorrow (Monday), and have a good couple days off!

.... Well contented

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