Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tech! Week! Tech! Week! Tech! Week!

Alright everyone, it’s go time. Here is what you need to know.
Costume & Makeup check is Monday, February 29.

Makeup: Ben Nye Makeup Kit ($20) at Display & Costume shop on Evergreen Way.
Costumes & Shoes should be here, and you need to start using your shoes in rehearsals.
  • Do not eat in costume.
  • Be gentle with coifs.
Report any stains, tears, or general problems with costumes to costume crew as soon as possible!


Especially do not touch any swords, weaponry or the head.
Don’t do it.
Just, NO.
You might get a show suspension and not be able to work with us for at least one show if you are messing with things that aren’t yours.

If there are any problems with props, like them not being on the right side of the stage, please report to props crew!

We need your help, Parents!
Hopefully all of your parents received an e-mail from the boosters!

If we would like to continue having dinners before shows and snacks for those long tech nights, we need help. If you could contribute snacks, or food, or money to help that would be amazing!

If your parents could possibly contribute some time to help fellow booster parents with selling concessions or providing dinner for us, please sign up at the SignUp Genius here.

Thank you!!!!

Tech Week Procedures

We will be here until 6 or 7pm on these days listed on the dates over that way -->
Plan accordingly:
  • Bring snacks.
  • Please make the most of your time to stay on task.
  • Doing homework when you don’t have a job can be a good strategy to balance things out.
  • We are having a spirit week! Dress up in comfortable, safe clothes you can still work in.
  • You are not released until Mr. Marshall releases EVERYONE. Tell your rides!

We have a great show, and we are so pumped that it’s coming together!

Thanes, countrymen, kinsmen, be kind to one another. Cast & Crew is one team.

We all have put so much into this show, that now is the time our patience and faith with one another is really going to make it.

Most importantly, we can't afford to be missing people now. Every single one of you made a commitment to be here and is imperative to the show running smoothly and going on at all.
If there's a time you have to be somewhere, like call-time, fight call time or warm up time, you gotta be there.

So thank you for your work everyone. Home stretch, here we go, hands in.

EASTER EGG: there are inspirational songs hidden in this post. Have fun! :)

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