Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tech Saturday!

Tech Crews: 
This Saturday, February 27, from noon to 6pm, is Tech Work Day!

You are called if you are a part of the following crews:
- Publicity Crew
- Sound Crew
- Saint Crew
- Props Crew
- Lights Crew

See you from noon to 6pm on Saturday, Tech Crews!

Actors: You should have your Ben Nye makeup kits, costumes and shoes all taken care of and shown to us by Monday, February 29.

--> If you are headed to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, have fun, and review your lines, please!
Thank you, everybody, for how hard you've worked to get things memorized.

ALSO:  Tech is coming!
We are having Tech Week Spirit days, listed on the Macbeth tab.

--> If you have the Choir Concert on March 4, find out what time you're leaving the tech rehearsal and let Alexa and Marguerite know this week or next week.

--> Ashland Payment on Tuesday, March 1st!

--> As a reminder, if you will be at the Frank Demeiro Jazz Festival on March 11 (which is one of our show nights), you are still expected to be at the 4:30pm call time, which means you may have to leave the festival early. In that case, you need:
- Appropriate Paperwork
- Ride back to the school
- Time you have to leave

Thanks, everyone! Tech (and this show) are going to be spooky and frightening....ly AWESOME.

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