Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bios, Programs and T-shirts (Oh my!)


Bios are due this Friday, February 5th. No extensions!

What is a "bio"? 

If you do not know what a bio is, "bio" is short for biography. When we say, "write a bio" we would like you to please write a summary of who you are and what you do in the show so we can post it out in the lobby before shows. 

A bio looks something like this: 

Marguerite Ainsworth is ½ of Stage Management and a senior! Massive thank you’s to Mom, Mr. Marshall, and all of Theatre Society (Squad!) for their support throughout these 4 years, 8 shows, 2 terms as the club president, and so many life-changing moments on and offstage. Favorite roles include stage managing Macbeth, Baker’s Wife in Into The Woods, Margot in Village Theatre Kidstage’s Legally Blonde: The Musical, and Essie in You Can’t Take It With You.

It must include:
- Name 
- Grade
- Job/Role in the show
- Previous Theatre Experience
and if you want,
- Thank-you's or other commentary about your Macbeth/Theatre Society experience.

It must be typed, Times New Roman font (size 12).

Need help? Please see your stage managers (Alexa and Marguerite) or publicity crew (Rachel and Alice).

When you are done, send it to:

February 5th!


The program for the show is in the "living room" of the drama room, between the door and the whiteboard.

If your information is incorrect, please write the correct information on the space provided below the program.
If your information is correct, please cross off your name on the program.

Now that we have given you the opportunity to see the program before it goes to print, it's up to you to make sure your individual information is correct! 


T-shirts have been ordered.

If you have not paid, please pay the $18 to the ASB office at the nearest opportunity and then bring your receipts to show Rhonda at the February 8th meeting!


If you are going to Ashland, you need to stay after the February 8th Theatre Society meeting. We will be figuring out rooming lists and other important information!

There are still a couple of spots left, and if you would like to go, you can reserve your spot by paying  a $100 deposit until February 8th.

We have a Theatre Society Meeting on Monday, February 8th! See you all there!

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