Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tech Week!!

Good morning fellow thespians, its my pleasure to tell you that Tech Week is starting this Thursday!!

"What is tech week?" you ask?

Tech week is the period of time we spend running cues for the show (lights, sound, moving tables, etc.) and it can become very tiring. expect to be standing or waiting in one spot for long periods of time while the tech is worked out.

We know this week of the show process is going to be very stressful for all of us, and we will most likely get on each other's nerves at some point. But this is where I remind you that we are ALL ONE TEAM, no matter if you're cast or crew, we need to be here for each other and support one another. We have such a wonderful group of people in this show and I'm very proud of the community we have made., to make tech week a bit more fun, we've added an element to it for the past years.

Thursday: Crazy sock day
Friday: Fancy Friday
Saturday: PJ day
Monday: Rainbow/Tie-dye day
Tuesday: Flannel day
Wednesday: Show shirt day

Costumes, Makeup, etc.

We will also be pestering you guys about shoes, underclothes, and makeup as this week goes by. You can buy your makeup (a ben nye kit) at Display and Costume on evergreen way. They will match your skin tone for you.

please make sure to have clean underclothes every dress rehearsal/ show night. You don't want to know how bad it can get in the dressing rooms (please wear clean socks). We will discuss this more once costumes come in this week.

I cant wait to put this show on its feet, thank you all for your hard work!!


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